MEGA-WRAP Product Line

  • Custom Insulation Products (see features below)
  • Removable Insulation Cover
  • Fire Blankets
  • Wind Tarps
  • Heat Tracing Wrap
  • Weld Curtains
  • Flange Safety Spray Shield
  • Hi-Temp Door Seal Gaskets

Product Applications Include:

  • Valve Insulation Covers
  • Flange Insulation Covers
  • Strainer Insulation Covers
  • Filter Insulation Covers
  • Pump Insulation Covers
  • Flow Meter Insulation Covers
  • Piping System Insulation Covers
  • Man Way Insulation Covers

Services Available:

  • Field measuring services
  • Installation on any of our products

MEGA-WRAP Custom Insulation Products features:

Reusable - you can install, remove and reuse the insulation covers. Replacing a piece of equipment doesn't mean replacing the insulation unit!

Custom-designed - One-piece, form fitted MEGA-WRAP Covers are actually fabricated to the shape of the targeted equipment. Attractive & durable, MEGA-WRAP Covers are designed to meet your specific thermal requirements.

Fully Gusseted - MEGA-WRAP™ Covers deliver a uniform thermal barrier with our special gusseted design.

Versatile - MEGA-WRAP Covers offer a practical solution for hard to fit or irregular shaped equipment operating up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thermally Efficient - MEGA-WRAP lightweight, flexible and vibration resistant covers often experience greater thermal efficiency than that of conventional insulation systems.

Labor Saving - An instant payback is realized the very first time MEGA-WRAP Covers are removed and reinstalled.


  • High Temperature Damper

    High Temperature Damper
  • Hot Oil Angle Valve

    Hot Oil Angle Valve
  • L-Shaped Cover

    L-Shaped Cover
  • Manway

  • Paracymine Extruder

    Paracymine Extruder
  • Steam Turbine

    Steam Turbine
  • Turbine Feedwater System

    Turbine Feedwater System
  • Valve and Pump System

    Valve and Pump System
  • Valve System

    Valve System


Mega-Wrap was originally founded and operated by Tom Kerchief in the 1980's as a way to cost-effectively save energy and provide workplace safety.

Mega-Wrap was acquired in 2016 by MINCO, Inc. and is now located in Louisville, KY.

Minco, Inc is still bringing the same quality design, cost effective energy saving and insulating solutions for all aspects of the mechanical insulation market.