Energy Loss Chart

Example 500° F

  • Energy Loss Insulated - 98 BTU
  • Energy Loss Uninsulated - 1576 BTU
  • Energy Saved Insulated - 1478 BTU

MEGA-WRAP Insulated Covers offer 95% energy saving

commercial insulation

MEGA-WRAP™ insulation products SAVE ENERGY

HEAT LOSS- Reduce heat loss as much as 90%. Ignoring exposed areas is no longer cost effective with today's energy problems.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT - MEGA-WRAP covers offer excellent thermal values. An energy payback is often realized within SIX MONTHS.

SAVE THOUSANDS - ... of wasted energy dollars and downtime. The philosophy of ignoring exposed valves and other equipment because of frequent maintenance can now be solved economically and efficiently. A removable and reusable insulation cover is the only practical solution.

Other energy saving benefits:

  • Freeze Protection - The cost of a MEGA-WRAP cover is substantially less expensive than replacing or repairing a damaged valve or other equipment. Line freeze-ups can also cost valuable down time and revenue.
  • Personnel Protection - Safety is the most important concern on plant managers' minds today. Protecting their valued workers is not only right but also smart. Please take time to evaluate your safety concerns.
  • Sound Attenuation - This benefit falls into personnel protection. When high pitched noises are a problem, our MEGA-WRAP Covers can reduce noise to tolerable and safe levels.


Mega-Wrap was originally founded and operated by Tom Kerchief in the 1980's as a way to cost-effectively save energy and provide workplace safety.

Mega-Wrap was acquired in 2016 by MINCO, Inc. and is now located in Louisville, KY.

Minco, Inc is still bringing the same quality design, cost effective energy saving and insulating solutions for all aspects of the mechanical insulation market.